Baseball History

Baseball is the great American Past time. Just mentioning it can conjure up memories of standing in the sun waiting to catch the ball in the outfield or standing on the plate waiting with sweaty hands for the ball to come your way. There is not an American born child that hasn’t played or seen a game. Going to games usually means filing up on junk food and trying to catch that fly ball. Another great thing about baseball is the cards. All those players to collect, make it new fun each time you reach for the pack. With each individual player comes statistics to remember. There is really nothing like it. For the most die hard fan, collecting is the ultimate fun.


You would be hard pressed to find a sport that has more history. It started on a summer day in 1839 in New York. Think about that for a minute, before our nation became pitted against each other we joined together in a game of baseball. It is still played with the similar rules today. Some people believe that it was around even before that in England. Any die hard American fan will stick with the story it began in America. So we will go with that.

In the spring of 1945 – with all the capable American men heading off to war – the future of baseball looked bleak. What happened next is truly American. Women put down their irons and spatulas and picked up their gloves and bats. The uniform had to be modified, of course, and so they adorned themselves in cute little skirts and jerseys. Baseball was saved.


Baseball is huge where I live. You cannot look outside on a sunny day and not see kids playing baseball in one way or another. The sound of the ball hitting the bat and the children yelling is a staple of any given summer day. With have little leagues that start them off as early as four years old. Even in the media you see baseball everywhere. From our favorite heroes crossing home base to vampires disguising their game in a thunderstorm, baseball is the home game.


Determining why baseball is so important is hard. It is a sport that you must work together as a team. It teaches practice makes perfect. It also teaches pride, pride in one’s town included. There is not a place, city or country, which does not have its favorite team or favorite player. Baseball is a staple. It is a wholesome game that builds character. Without it life just would not be the same.

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